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Huawei unqualified chargers news found fake, and an investigation filled against the illegal manufacturer



For the last two days, news of Huawei charger’s adaptors found unqualified has been surfacing online through different sources, which is currently identified as fake. Regarding this Huawei previously justified that it doesn’t have any direct contact with evaluating firm and there is no record of purchasing chargers from Huawei.

Today, Fujian Quanzhou Quality Supervision Bureau officially published a new statement in response to this incident. It claims that the Huawei charger with the quality problem was actually counterfeit and low grade.

Also, the department has issued an investigation notice against the fake charger manufacturing firm in accordance with relevant laws and regulations as well as further takes action against the results of the investigation.

The investigation team identified the fake firm as Quanzhou Konggang Communication Electronics Co. Ltd. This company was fined for selling products that did not meet the national standards, property safety as well as passing substandard products as qualified products in April 2021.

Furthermore, not only Huawei chargers, but it also sells other brand products like Oppo and QOOVI. Also, the Nanjing General Administration of Market Supervision once forced the company to stop selling counterfeit OPPO chargers and imposed a fine of 1,400 yuan.


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