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Huawei chargers found unqualified for sale? Huawei said it doesn’t have any cooperation with the evaluator



On May 12, a Quanzhou Municipal Market Supervision Administration China website of Fujian Province has released the 2020 quality supervision and sampling report of mobile power adapters (chargers).

This report has found 20 batches of unqualified adapter samples. The main identified problems are marking description, creepage distance, electrical clearance, insulation penetration distance, in-line equipment, and electric strength.

In the sample inspections, the mobile phone unqualified charger’s adapter was found HW-050450C00, which was manufactured by the Chinese tech giant, Huawei.

In response to this, Huawei’s mobile customer service clarified that the company that was sampled has no direct cooperation relationship and there is no record of purchasing chargers from Huawei.

After our preliminary verification, Quanzhou Konggang Communication Electronics Co., Ltd, which was sampled by Quanzhou Market Supervision Administration, does not have a direct cooperation relationship and there is no related purchase of chargers from the company, said Huawei.

Also, Huawei mentioned that it always pays attention and gives importance to the product quality. We also recommend every buyer purchase Huawei products through official stores, not from any third party.

To recall, in April 2021, Huawei was fined for selling products that did not meet the national standards for protecting human health and personal and property safety, and for passing substandard products as qualified products.  In addition to Huawei, the company also sells OPPO, QOOVI (cool Wei Zhilian), and other products.

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