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Huawei triple-foldable phone likely to be ‘far ahead’ in design and creativity



Huawei triple foldable phone design

Huawei triple-foldable phone is an exciting topic in the headlines that raised users’ excitement for its mysterious design. Fans are eagerly waiting to see how the company will take creativity to a new level with its first tri-fold phone invention.

The latest information on this matter is coming from Weibo. The well-known tipster @FixedFocus said that small-folding and tri-fold handsets are the most awaited products in the market and will remain on the list of trendy topics in 2024.

Adding more, the tipster mentioned that these folding gadgets will be “far ahead” in design and creativity. The post also integrates a screenshot that reads a two-line conversation about Huawei’s foldable smartphone release.

Huawei triple foldable phone design

Consequently, the term “far ahead” and the screenshot hint that the Huawei triple foldable phone is likely to lead in design and creativity, just like the latest flagship models. Perhaps, the ultimate invention will bring amazing surprises that would be worth waiting for.

Responding to the leak, a user expressed his concern regarding the tri-fold’s thickness. When assembled, a triple-fold phone could be thicker compared to any other ordinary book-type folding device. Besides, this invention may lead to high pricing, making it unaffordable for all customers.

However, the tipster remained optimistic and said that if Huawei overcame these challenges, then things could improve. Apart from the tri-fold matter, the screenshot also suggests that the company will not launch a small foldable (Pocket S2) this year.

Huawei Triple-Foldable phone

Some previous reports suggested that the Chinese tech giant has given a smooth start to tri-folding phone development. Perhaps, it will be ready for launch by March 2024. Although, the company has not dropped any comments on this matter yet.

Huawei triple foldable phone design


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