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Huawei trademarks V45, V55, V65, V75, V85, V95, X45, X55, X65, X75, X85, and X95



On January 20, 2020, China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) approved and published new Huawei trademarks, which could be the company’s future smartphones or TVs.

According to the listing, Huawei has certified trademarks for V45, V55, V65, V75, V85, V95, X45, X55, X65, X75, X85, and X95, found by the Twitter user – TheTechGuy.

Since only Honor, Huawei’s subsidiary, launches smartphones in the V and X series, these could be the preparation for future launches.

One thing to notice here is that these names include new models such as 45, 55 instead of a decimal V40 or V50, showing the intention of launching secondary products. Moreover, the X series includes numbers as a Suffix and not as a Prefix.

These could also be the upcoming TV series of different models but nothing is specific to be revealed.

However, it’s possible that Huawei may have filed more trademark for early models that we’ve not verified. Also, there’s no official confirmation on these models or whether they’re an upcoming smartphone or TV.

Last year, Honor introduced new Honor V-series devices – Honor V30 and V30 Pro. And Honor X-series smartphone – Honor 9X and 9X Pro in China. In February, these smartphones launched in the global market.

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