Huawei phone saved a Woman’s life after she fall and remained unconscious for three days

Huawei phones are built with top quality hardware and software that has improved with years of research and development. And recently an incident has proved how Huawei devices are completely consumer-centric.

A Woman from the UK, Beth McDermott (42) hit her head after tripping and falling downstairs at home and remained unconscious for three days. When she woke, she can’t even move her legs.

Beth, who lives alone, tried to reach for her “Huawei Y6”, she thought that her phone’s battery has already drained but it was still had 50 battery life.

Finally, when she got a grip on her phone, she dialed for an ambulance and spent nearly a week in the hospital.

“It was the most horrible experience of my life. I can’t believe I’m still alive — I wouldn’t be if it weren’t for that phone.” Beth told TheSun.

“I wasn’t expecting it to work at all but it still had 50 percent battery life. I couldn’t believe it had lasted so long.”

Beth also mentioned that she purchased the new Huawei Y6 because her iPhone kept losing power and constantly switching off.

Launched in 2019, Huawei Y6 2019 comes with a 3020mAh battery, 6.09-inch display, 13MP rear camera, 8MP front camera and more.

Beth with her Huawei Y6 2019




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