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Huawei tops China’s foldable phone market for Q3 2022



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Yeah, Huawei is focusing well on China’s foldable phone market, as the company has now ranked first for this smartphone segment in the home ground in the third quarter (Q3) of 2022.

According to CINNO research, Huawei acquired 53.2% market share. Although, there’s the Chinese tech make is facing a slight decline as compared to the same period last year.

The second place is occupied by Samsung with a 20.5% share but the South Korean company faces a big decline in market appearance. Third comes Xiaomi with 9.0 percent shares, the phone maker has increased its shares as compared to last year.

fourth and fifth place filled by Vivo and Oppo with 7.7% and 4.6% market shares respectively. One thing to note is that all of the new gainers have launched new foldable phones that helped them to acquire the extra mile in the foldable smartphone segment for Q3 2022 but Huawei stepped a few more miles.

huawei foldable phone q3 2022

Since the start of this year, Huawei launched new foldable phones – Mate Xs 2, and P50 Pocket earlier this month, Huawei introduced a cheap flip phone – Pocket S. Yeah, these are effective measures to ramp up sales in China. There are more positive results that we may see in the near future for Huawei.

However, other phone makers are also growing and launching new devices to increase their own market share.

The report shows that Huawei foldable phones in China reached 723,00 units in Q3 2022 along with 114 percent on-year growth. CINNO mentioned that the foldable phone market reported high growth and stability in comparison to Q3 2021.

(source – ithome)

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