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Huawei to use Chinese Ultra Thin Glass (UTG)



UTG Utra thin Glass

Huawei is preparing to launch a new foldable smartphone, Mate X3 and it’s reported that it could feature new UTG glass developed by a Chinese display maker, which it had to import from overseas.

According to the information, A Chinese company under China Material International Engineering Group has manufactured UTG glass for Huawei, and it’s described as a pure domestic UTG glass product. This panel maker was insufficient of producing the required quantity before but now, it’s capable of delivering the demand.

It’s better that Huawei will utilize domestic foldable glass rather than totally relying on overseas players.


UTG or Ultra-Thin Glass is an ultra-thin flexible glass cover, mostly used in foldable screen smartphones. its flexible outer glass protection sheet is made of an ultra-thin flexible glass substrate.

Following the cutting, tempered, and coating process, the ultra-thin flexible glass substrate not only gains the basic features of glass but also brings lightness, thinness, and strong flexibility.

The ultra-thin glass used for foldable must have a thickness of fewer than 100 microns and it must be processed and strengthened to further improve durability.

Before UTG, foldable smartphones were usually based on transparent plastic film. This film made headlines when Galaxy Z Fold launched and consumers accidentally peeled it off, thinking of it as a screen protector.

However, UTG has the advantages of durability, could endure almost rough use cases, has no permanent crees, and provides a traditional phone-like touch feeling. Moreover, UTG glass could fold over 100 thousand times without being damaged. Furthermore, it has a long life as compared to the film.

We’re excited to know that Huawei is searching for domestic solutions that will help Huawei to use the latest technology in its smartphones.

(source – Weibo)

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