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Huawei to make its own smartphone flash memory chipset: Report



huawei flash memory

Huawei has been under tight scrutiny after the US sanctions and the company is finding ways to get self-reliance in the field of semiconductor products. Recently, a report has also suggested similar development for Huawei and its speeds up efforts in the field of making flash memory chipset.

SouthKorean media – TheLec reported that Huawei is planning to purchase NAND flash memory wafers and complete the testing and packaging process on its own. The Chinese tech maker has been preparing such facilities to produce these types of products and is expected to establish and achieve a large-scale production system by the second half of the year.

The report contains interesting claims such, as saying that NAND flash memory used in Huawei smartphones has been complete (finished) products. However, the company is now seeking to directly access the flash memory in the chipset form instead of being an entire solution.

Therefore, Huawei will be able to handle the packaging and testing processes required to build new memory chips in the future, the report mentions.

huawei flash memory

Easy to build?

It’s also mentioned that the NAND flash memory products are easy to produce as compared to other semiconductor products and could meet the home base product requirements.

For now, Huawei is purchasing required memory chipsets from China’s major memory chip maker YMTC. The chipmaker held 1 percent market share in the NAND flash memory in 2020.

Taking insights of industry insiders, Huawei is actively promoting a self package NAND flash solution. If everything goes smoothly, then Huawei will be able to mass-produce flash memory by the second half of this year.

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