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Huawei to launch its own Dynamic Island feature



Huawei Dynamic Island

There is an input that Huawei could launch its own version of the dynamic island feature, which is quite interesting when it comes to such graphical accessibility in smartphone devices.

Dynamic island feature was first introduced in iPhone 14 series, which allows you to check alerts and current operations on phone. These actions include your playback, your timer, an AirDrop connection, and the direction of Maps.

The iPhone maker unveiled it after making a change to the display and switching from a notch to pill shape cutout. The latest dynamic island expands on the left and right side of the camera cutout. This showcases information and distributes the weight of the information on both sides of the taskbar.

The basic functionality of dynamic island includes the expansion of notifications to see more details, use it as a task manager, and quick switch between apps. Huawei has not revealed plans for the dynamic island or a related feature but we are expecting this change to appear first in Huawei Nova 11 lineup.

Huawei Nova 11 series:

Similar to the iPhone 14 lineup, the Huawei Nova 11 series will adopt a new pill shape cutout screen and it is the first time to equip in a Huawei smartphone. As for the record, Huawei has utilized punch holes, pill shapes on the top left corner, and different notch designs but this one is new to the smartphone genre.

Huawei Nova 11

However, we do want to mention that Huawei was the first one to launch such technology and you can read more about that here (link). Also, Huawei Nova 11 series will use the high-performance Snapdragon 8 chipset as compared to the low-performance chip in the predecessor.

Huawei Nova 11 series will bring out the XMAGE camera system and it’s likely that the phone maker will get you a better photography user experience. For the time being, the name of this lineup remains in doubt but we’ll keep you posted on the developments.

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