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Huawei to launch first ‘triple-foldable’ phone next year



Huawei Mate X3

Huawei is preparing to make a breakthrough in the foldable phone market once again with the launch of the first ‘triple-foldable’ smartphone next year.

The latest information coming from market research firm, TrendForce revealed that Huawei is working on a triple-foldable screen phone. Related to the development, the researcher shared that this phone is progressing smoothly.

Interstingly, Huawei could launch this new triple-foldable phone in March 2024. The launch timeline mentioned above indicates that the phone will be unveiled alongside the Huawei P70 series, if not booked for a separate event. Earlier this year, Huawei also launched Mate X3 side folding phone with Huawei P60 Pro.

Display Supply Chain Insider, Ross Young said that Huawei had the phone on hold for about 6 months and expected to arrive by the end of this year. However, the company may have delayed the plans after the success of the Huawei Mate 60 Pro.

Huawei Mate X3 Foldable phone

Aside from this, the report mentions that there will be ‘two’ triple-foldable screen phones that will launch in 2024. However, there’s no specific revelation whether these two phones will come only from Huawei or any other smartphone maker.

It’s also possible that Samsung might bring the other half of these two next-gen foldable devices. But we’ll have to wait for more details on this matter.

Past Launches:

In 2019, Huawei introduced Mate X, the first-ever outward folding tablet size foldable device at MWC. Subsequently, Huawei unveiled the Mate Xs, which is an upgraded version of the predecessor featuring an integrated 5G chipset.

In 2021, Huawei brought the Mate X2, its first side inward-foldable smartphone with dual screen solution. Meanwhile, Huawei launched flip-style – P50 Pocket and Pocket S devices as well. This year, Huawei added Mate X3 and Mate X5 in the foldable screen device arsenal.


The addition to the launch of new foldable smartphones from more phone makers, the market continues to grow in this particular segment. Initially, the main barrier to foldable phone shipment lies in its pricing, which goes above the premium segment.

Market competitiveness and continued development of new components would help to reduce the overall device price. Therefore, the next phase of foldable smartphones would concentrate on the design and the pricing.


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