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Huawei testing OV50H camera sensor, could it be for Huawei P70?



Huawei OV50H sensor

OmniVision OV50H is gaining popularity among the Chinese smartphone makers and Huawei is also in the line to feature the sensor in its upcoming flagship.

Tipster DigitalChatStation revealed that phone makers including Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi will use the OV50H sensor in their latest phones. Adding to this, Huawei also testing the OV50H sensor for its new model.

Launched earlier this year, OV50H is a high-resolution 50-megapixel image sensor for the high-end rear-facing camera system. The sensor has a 1.2-micron pixel in a 1/1.3-inch optical format. It supports 12.5MP video at 120 fps and high dynamic range (HDR) at 60fps.

Huawei OV50H sensor

(Image Source – Weibo)

The OV50H is also the first to feature horizontal/vertical quad-phase detection (QPD). With these specifications, the OV50H can deliver flagship-level low-light and autofocus features for smartphones.

This sensor is larger than the 1/1.4 inches used in the Huawei P60 Pro. The larger will provide high-quality photos with a maximized light intake.

If Huawei is considering this new sensor for a flagship smartphone, then what would be better than Huawei P70? This phone is scheduled to launch in the first half of next year and the company would make it even stronger in photography than the last generation.

Aside from the camera, the Huawei P-series will also return the Kirin 5G chipset with this new release. Therefore, the launch of this new device could also bring new competition in the smartphone industry.


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