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Huawei appointed Xu Zhiju as new chairman of Cloud Business and Yu Chengdong as CEO




Huawei is recently made some changes in the company’s cloud business. Not long ago, Mr. Xu Zhiju takes charge as the company’s new chairman due to companies rotating policy. At which, he will serve for the next three months.

As per the latest information coming from the Chia Business news, the Chiese tech company recently notify a document. According to that, the company’s rotating chairman Xu Zhiju will handle the Huawei Cloud as the new chairman.

In this line, Yu Chengdong, the CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group was also appointed as the new CEO of Huawei Cloud. Additionally, Peng Zhongyang, and Tao Jingwen will take charge as the new deputy directors of corporate business and processes, and IT respectively.

These two new posts recently added by the company:

Introduction of Peng Zhongyang:

He was serving n the company since 1997, joined as a service engineer in South China, transmission project manager, and expansion engineer of Russia representative office. He was the previous director of Huawei, and at the same time, he also served as the president of Enterprise BG.

He serves at various posts including the representative of Yemen representative office, the President’s assistant in the Middle East and North Africa region, the President of the North Africa region, the president of the China region, and the head of the company’s general cadre department, President of Enterprise BG.

Introduction of Tao Jingwen:

He was the former director of Huawei and president of Quality Process IT was, serving in the company for 25 years. He came as the product development engineer in the company. Soon got promoted for his dedication to the company.

His career journey includes the deputy general manager of the marketing technology department, executive deputy director of the international marketing department, executive vice president of the southern Africa region, president of global marketing, president of the terminal company, president of the Western Europe region, quality Process IT president, etc.

Apart from this, Huawei and China telecom company- Xiamen will be organizing a press conference on “5G City, Yilu has a promising” Xiamen “5G City”, declaring their collaboration. Both firms are working together to build the first-ever large-scale Xiamen 5G city. (Read More)

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