Huawei smartphones sales sharply increased in China after US ban

While the Chinese telecom giant is receiving setbacks one after another from the US firms, Huawei’s smartphones sales on the domestic ground are growing faster than ever.

Trump reveals his true face on Huawei, says can include the company as a part of US-China trade deal

TMall, which is a Chinese-language online retailer has shown that from May 18 to May 20, Huawei’s smartphone has shipped more units than ever in the domestic mobile phone list.

The retailer recorded a 130% growth rate in the shipment, exceeding the average 30% growth of the mobile phone industry.

Outside the Chinese market where most of the companies breaking ties with Huawei, the domestic market can play a major role to support the country brand and help to manage its current loss over the US restrictions.

Trump inks executive order to ban Huawei




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