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Huawei signs multi-year patent licensing agreement with Amazon and Vivo



Huawei patent agreement Amazon Vivo

Huawei has inked a multi-year global patent licensing agreement with both Amazon and Vivo. This initiative will enable the respective parties to use Huawei’s innovative patent applications to offer an advanced and more beneficial user experience.

To begin with, Huawei initially signed the cooperation with Vivo and announced their partnership over basic patents related to the cellular communication standard. Eventually, this includes 5G facilities, new network services, and capabilities.

Elaborating on this concept, the head of Huawei’s intellectual property rights department – Alan Fan said that patent licensing expands the number of companies that can use newly published patent applications, exclusive to a specific company.

Apart from Vivo, Huawei and Amazon also introduced their multi-year patent licensing agreement. The e-commerce platform has been in the headlines for having a dispute with Huawei over a patent subject. But now, things seem to be resolved.

Huawei patent agreement Amazon Vivo

Huawei Patent Agreement (Source: Huawei)

So far, Huawei and Amazon have been in conflicts regarding Wi-Fi and network-related patents. However, it looks like the fight reached an end and both firms are now joining under a cross-license deal for the betterment of their customers.

Over the agreement with Amazon, the Vice President of Huawei’s Legal Department – Shen Hongfei says that Patent litigation between tech firms is common and normal around the world. Although it should not affect the patent fees to discourage innovation.

On the other hand, the Vice President of Amazon Intellectual Property – Scott Hayden says:

“Amazon respects Huawei’s worldwide patent portfolio, innovations, and contributions to the standardization process. We also respect Huawei’s efforts to license its patents to companies like Amazon, which frequently use industry technical standards when inventing new products and services for customers.”

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