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Apple iPhone sales drop by 24% in China during first six weeks of 2024: Counterpoint



Apple iPhone sales 24% China

Apple iPhone sales have once again touched the ground with a decline of 24% in China. The American tech giant continues to struggle in its third-largest market for sales revenue due to its strong opponents like Huawei, Xiaomi, Honor, and others.

Counterpoint research firm shared the China smartphone sales report for the first six weeks of 2024. The overall sales in the region have fallen by 7% year-on-year basis. Tech vendors like Apple, OPPO, and Vivo went down in smartphone sales aspect.

The firm also points out that Apple iPhone sales are seeing a double-digit decline in China with a 24% drop. This is not the first time the iPhone failed to impress consumers. For now, the company is standing in the fourth place in the market.

Apple iPhone sales 24% China

China Smartphone Sales report (Source: Counterpoint)

Compared to last year with 19% shares of the Chinese phone market, the U.S. tech maker only scored a 15.7% share this year. Describing why Apple continues to descend in China, the Senior Analyst of Counterpoint firm says:

“Although the iPhone 15 is a great device, it has no significant upgrades from the previous version, so consumers feel fine holding on to the older-generation iPhones for now”

On the other hand, Huawei continued to grow and attract consumers for its Mate 60 series. The company gained an overall unit sales growth of 64%. It grabbed the second place due to its market share that extended to 16.5% earlier this year.

Apple iPhones are constantly being offered at heavy discounts to chase customers in China. Yet, the innovative products from Chinese competitors like Huawei and Xiaomi have completely covered the native region.


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