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Huawei should not have illusions about computing: Huawei VC



Huawei research survival problems

At the 2023 World Computing Conference, Vice Chairman and Rotating Chairman, Xu Zhijun delivered a speech on Huawei’s current computing strategy and view on the AI computing ecosystem saying that Huawei should have illusions about the future of this field.

Xu Zhijun mentioned that the computing industry is moving fast under great pressure from external forces. From design tools, materials, and manufacturing equipment to chip products, all are affected by the restrictions.

At one point, Zhijun said that Huawei (management and staff) should not have any illusions and unswervingly build a sustainable computing industry ecosystem.

Huawei’s Vice Chairman also promoted the development of the computing industry, which requires large-scale use of computing technology. He suggested that the developments of computing chips should be made with the available chip manufacturing processes.

He further elaborated that all computer-related fields can be seen as part of the computing industry. Other than these, Mr. Zhijun expressed his concern that the basic problems of computing tech must be resolved. For example, the problem of being unable to produce network card chips and RAID card chips in the past.

In his perspective, the computing industry covers personal computers, servers, operating systems, databases, and key components such as processors, memory, storage devices, network interface cards, and RAID cards that constitute these devices.

“Although there is a gap between the chips, servers, and PCs we produce compared to foreign production. But if we don’t use it, this gap will always be a gap, and lagging behind will always be lagging behind. But if we use it on a large scale, it can pull and push We will make progress in technology and products, and then we will slowly catch up.” said Huawei VC.

Xu Zhijun said that using clusters and cloud services as the main direction of computing infrastructure is one of the solutions.

“There is no way to support the fundamental foundation and sustainable development of the computing power, or even to lead. Affected by the semiconductor production process, the computing power of a single chip may not be enough, but based on integrated technology, multiple CPUs, Multiple AI processors are connected to form a cluster, and then the distributed means of cloud computing are used to meet the computing power needs.” Zhijun added.

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