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Huawei shares All Intelligence strategy to transform thousands of industries




At Huawei Connect 2023, Huawei shared an all-intelligence strategy to accelerate the intelligent transformation of thousands of industries.

In the wave of informatization and digitalization, Huawei has stepped forward every decade. Based on the two-wheel drive of customer demand and technological innovation, Huawei has successively proposed the All IP strategy and the All Cloud strategy, promoting ubiquitous connectivity and accelerating digital transformation and upgrading. Facing the era of intelligence, in order to seize the historic strategic opportunity of AI, Huawei has proposed the All Intelligence strategy.

The goal of the All Intelligence strategy is to accelerate the intelligent transformation of thousands of industries, making all objects connectable, all applications modelable, and all decisions computable.

Huawei Vice Chairman, Rotating Chairman, and CFO Meng Wanzhou said: “Under the guidance of a comprehensive intelligence strategy, Huawei will continue to build a solid computing power base to enable a variety of modes and industries.”

Huawei CFO Rotating Chairwoman Meng Wanzhou

First of all, Huawei is committed to building a solid computing power base in China and building a second choice for the world. Meng Wanzhou said, “We will continue to improve the integration capabilities of ‘soft, hard, core, edge, and cloud’, enrich the ‘black soil’, and meet the diverse AI computing power needs of various industries.”

Secondly, Huawei will support the “letting of a hundred flowers bloom” of large models in the intelligent era through the opening of its computing base, AI platform, and development tools, and strive to create a “hundred gardens” of black soil. Meng Wanzhou said, “We support each organization to use its own data to train its own large model, allowing each industry to use its own professional knowledge to develop its own large industry model.”

“For decades, we have gone deep into the theoretical essence of communications and computing, and have continued to invest and explore in the fields of mathematics and algorithms, chemistry and materials science, physics and engineering technology, standards and patents, and build fundamental technological advantages.” Facing an intelligent future, Meng Wanzhou said that Huawei will continue to deepen its roots in technology, adhere to open hardware and open source software, and work with industry partners to develop industry and ecological alliances and talent alliances to build a prosperous computing power ecosystem.

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