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Huawei unravels September 2023 EMUI security patch details as stable EMUI 13 makes way to the users



Huawei has released September 2023 EMUI security patch details, which will soon rollout to global smartphone users running EMUI software. This new release indicates that the company running the security improvements development on time and is ready to deliver a new patch very soon.

In August, Huawei started to rollout stable EMUI 13 software for the users. This brings an end to the long-running EMUI 13 beta testing but the release remains limited for the time being. However, the company will expand gradually among the consumers.

You should know that EMUI 13 is released for beta and non-beta devices. It means all of the eligible phones in the first row can now claim this new OTA update.

Aside from that, the security patches continue to arrive on Huawei devices as per the schedule. Therefore, we can dive into the details of the September 2023 EMUI security patch and check what it is fixing in the software.

Looking at the numbers, the September 2023 patch brings fixes for 2 critical, 13 high-level, and 1 medium-level vulnerabilities found in the system. Also, there are 4 CVEs that were fixed from the past software updates.

A new vulnerability was found in the fingerprint module, which could bypass the security of the phone and it’s fixed with this patch. Another high level of vulnerability was patched in the PMS module, which could cause the system to restart.

CVE-2023-41296 is found in the kernel module, which is fixed in EMUI 13, EMUI 12.0.1, EMUI 12.0.0, and EMUI 11.0.1. This also affects the integrity and confidentiality of the user data.

September 2023 emui security

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