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Huawei secures second position in 2023 Chinese earphones market



Huawei 2023 Chinese earphones market

Huawei is making dynamic achievements not only in the 2023 Chinese smartphone market but also in the earphones section. A new report says that the Chinese tech giant has scored excellent grades in the earsets franchise in the native region.

RUNTO technology research firm has recently published a new report based on the 2023 Chinese earphones online sales market and Huawei has secured second position in this ranking. The company successfully made its place in the top 5 rankers.

The report further counts Apple, Huawei Edifier, Sony, and MI as the top 5 earphones vendors in China. Notably, the RUNTO tech firm has shown a graph of five years in the Chinese earphones market and revealed the growth of each company.

With time, Huawei has touched new heights in China’s earphones market and has gradually progressed in this department. The tech maker has offered amazing and innovative audio wearables, earbuds, neckband products, and more.

Huawei 2023 Chinese earphones market

2023 Chinese Earphones Market Report [Credits: MyDrivers]

Meanwhile, Apple continued to decline for four consecutive years and this time also, the results were the same. Even though the American firm is in the first position, its product sales have seen a significant drop in the Chinese earphones market.

Thus, in terms of growth, Huawei is succeeding with good enough scores than Apple. Thanks to the advanced tech and features imposed in Huawei earbuds.

The report regarding the overall Chinese earphone market sales reached 98.95 million pairs with an increment of 9.0% year-on-year. The new results have raised China’s headphone scale which has been captured by foreign companies for a long time.


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