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Huawei announces three All-Optical products to boost F5.5G network growth



Huawei All-Optical products F5.5G

Huawei has announced three major and innovative All-Optical Products at the MWC 2024 event, to boost the F5.5G network development. The company hopes that these new solutions will help accelerate the 10G ultra-broadband development in the world.

As per the inputs, the F5.5G all-optical target network solution demands 1+3+4 architecture support. Thus, to implement such a framework, Huawei launched the three All-Optical Products for the F5.5G network. These products include:

Ultra-broadband backbone:

Optix OSN 9800 K36 is the company’s first DC-based OTN product. It offers a single wavelength with a frequency of 1.6Tbps, which is around 33% higher efficient. On the other hand, it decreases the per-bit cost significantly by 30%.

With the help of dual-3D orthogonal architecture, the product delivers a single-subrack switching capacity of over 100T. Lastly, the in-built smart unit enables ms-level detection and real-time intelligent fault analysis to improve network availability.

10G Access:

The company’s first OLT product – MA5800T shows three important upgrades. To begin with, it increases the single slot capacity on a device by 2T which is more than twice the industry average. This makes it compatible with GPON and 10G PON and enables it to evolve to 200G PON.

Secondly, it executes physical isolation for services via an innovative base and ensures E2E deterministic latency for premium facilities. Last, its components and computing unit optimizes the overall user experience.

Huawei All-Optical products F5.5G

Bob Chen (Source: PR Newswire)

All-Optical Smart Home:

Finally, the iFTTR F50 which belongs to the FTTR+X family supports many more operations alongside network connectivity. Just like the above-listed products, the iFTTR F50 also looks after three major aspects which are as follows:

  • Increases the access rate to 3000Mbps using C-WAN architecture + WiFi 7
  • Reduces the roaming handover time to 10ms, eliminating packet loss – thanks to the precise clock sync.
  • The in-built storage and computing unit delivers a maximum of 8TB storage with a smart album search feature.

The President of Huawei Optical Business Product Line – Bob Chen cited that 2024 is the beginning of F5.5G commercial usage. And the fixed network tech in this concept will take a new leap forward. These products will help in the advancement of the innovative world.


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