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Huawei secures first place in Q1 2024 China foldable phone market



Huawei Q1 2024 China foldable market

Huawei has not only secured the highest position in the Q1 2024 China smartphone market but also reached the first spot in the foldable franchise. That says the latest details published by the International Data Corporation (IDC) research firm.

IDC shared the analysis report of Q1 2024 China foldable phone market where Huawei again procured the top position. The company has scored a total of 44.1% of the market share, surpassing many other folding phone vendors in the native region.

A major share of this achievement goes to the Mate X5 foldable phone which is still in hot demand among consumers. The company has crafted the flagship model with an impressive design, and some useful features that boost the user experience.

Pocket 2 is another addition to the folding lineup which is in demand in the Chinese foldable market. The company is polishing this device with new software builds.

Huawei Q1 2024 China foldable market

Q1 2024 China foldable market (Image Credits: ITHome)

Top five rankers:

Honor ranks second in this listing with a market share of 26.7% due to the newly launched Magic V2 RSR Porsche Design folding gadget. The company is also working on a small vertical foldable which is likely to launch in May this year.

Vivo is in the third position with a share of 12.6% whereas, OPPO has gained fourth place with 9.0%. Samsung and Xiaomi ranked fifth (5.9%) and sixth (0.9%) respectively. The overall result shows favorable conditions in China’s foldable market.

IDC report states that folding devices are seeing constant and significant growth this year. The overall foldable market growth in the first quarter of this year is 83% YoY with a staggering shipment of 1.86 million units, which seems to be a good start.

Analysts at IDC say that smartphone makers have started resolving the common problems of foldable devices with innovative solutions. Now these phones are less heavy and more durable, with better battery life and enhanced image quality.

Huawei Q1 2024 China foldable market

Q1 2024 China foldable market (Image Credits: ITHome)

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