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Huawei rumored to develop new ARM chip to rival Apple M1 processor



Huawei ARM chip Apple M1

New rumors say that Huawei has quietly developed a new ARM chip to compete with the Apple M1 processor. The Chinese company is already working on several chipsets and the latest information hints at an uphill battle between both tech giants.

A semiconductor enthusiast @Tech_Reve recently said that Huawei has developed a brand-new ARM chip to rival the Apple M1 processor. Yet, the latest information relies upon rumors and demands a few more inputs for a strong confirmation.

If true, the American tech giant may soon get a new competitor with proficient capabilities in the ARM chipset race. So far, Apple is battling with Qualcomm and its Snapdragon X Elite over the robust grip on ARM notebook and desktop processors.

On the other hand, the rumor hints at Huawei’s return to the advanced chipset franchise. Notably, this is not the first time the Chinese firm is buzzing for new processors.

Earlier, some reports claimed that Huawei has silently produced a new 5nm chip named Kirin 9006C for its Qingyun L540 notebook. Initially, the details said the respective SoC could have resulted from the beneficial Huawei and SMIC partnership.

Later, a teardown revealed that Kirin 9006C wasn’t developed by SMIC but by TMSC. Probably, Huawei might have leftover stock that it has used for its devices.

Now, the latest rumor reflects ‘developed’ hinting that the company already has built a rival against the Apple M1 processor and we may soon find it in the upcoming notebook products. However, it won’t be easy to toast a fresh chipset as SMIC still struggles with production and cost issues.

Yet, Huawei might be testing something related to this segment and we could grab more interesting revelations on this topic in the upcoming days.

Huawei ARM chip Apple M1

Huawei ARM chip (Credits: WCCFTech)

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