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Huawei FreeLace Pro 2 tipped to use Dynamic Noise Cancellation 2.0 capability



Huawei FreeLace Pro 2 Noise Cancellation

Huawei FreeLace Pro 2 is expected to debut later this month alongside the P70 series and a new input hints that these headphones may use Dynamic Noise Cancellation 2.0 function. The beneficial feature is likely to upgrade the audio experience.

According to @FixedFocus, the Chinese firm might opt for the Dynamic Noise Cancellation 2.0 functionality for its new headphones – Huawei FreeLace Pro 2. The feature can automatically enhance the sound quality as per the surroundings.

The detail further reveals that the upgraded noise reduction capability can adjust the depth of noise cancellation depending on the external environment. Hence, consumers will obtain an authentic and satisfying experience with the new product.

DNC (Dynamic Noise Cancellation) refers to a spatial noise reduction feature, combined with a directional beamformer. It helps optimize the signal-to-noise ratio under various situations. Thus, it offers an excellent audio experience even when you are in a noisy environment like a busy office, subway, and more.

So far, Huawei has used the respective function in many of its earbuds. Perhaps, the company may upgrade it with its upcoming neckband headphones.

Huawei FreeLace Pro 2 Noise Cancellation

Huawei FreeLace Pro 2 Leak (Source: Weibo)

In addition, the tipster mentions that the company has greatly improved the battery life of its new audio wearable. Compared to the previous-gen neckband earphones, the new FreeLace Pro 2 could be more long-lasting and durable in usage.

Although an official statement still awaits on this matter. Probably, we may find some inputs in the coming days regarding the Huawei P70 series and the FreeLace Pro 2.

Huawei FreeLace Pro:

The predecessors use two highly sensitive microphones that work together to achieve noise cancellation in and out. Besides, the large dynamic drivers generate stronger and deeper anti-noise sound, creating a pure, immersive sound experience.

It would be worth seeing what new changes the next-gen FreeLace product will bring to the table in the time ahead.

Huawei FreeLace Pro 2 Noise Cancellation


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