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Huawei Router AX6 with Wi-Fi 6+ and 7200 Mbps speed launched



Huawei Router AX6 launched

During the Spring Press Conference, Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group has launched the new Huawei Whole House Smart Solution but also the new Router AX6.

Huawei Router AX6 has launched with dual-band Wi-Fi 6+ 7200Mbps, 8 signal amplifiers, which can easily cope with internet issues and enjoy a stable high-speed network while remaining connected to the internet.

According to the information, Huawei’s Wi-Fi 6+ has been fully upgraded with a fast 7200 Mbps network that makes it easy to download high-definition movies or large files and experience smoother 4K live broadcasts. Also, Huawei’s self-developed Al anti-jamming technology can intelligently avoid Wi-Fi co-channel interference, and the whole house can enjoy a stable high-speed network.

Huawei Router AX6 launched

With the HarmonyOS interactive features, you can easily manage Internet devices by easy drag and drop. Further, the Huawei GameTurbo 2.0 technology intelligently identifies popular mobile games and joins the fast lane, reducing the delay and packet loss rate by 20%.

It provides a smooth gaming experience and supports the time and behavior management of children’s Internet devices, and can also block bad websites, effectively preventing children from being addicted to the Internet. Through the Huawei Smart Life App, you can easily grasp the network status of the whole family and can detect as well as solve network problems with a few taps.


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