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Huawei reportedly working on advanced NPU solution for Kirin processors



Huawei Kirin processors NPU solution

Huawei is looking for advanced technologies that can help it build new Kirin processors, and an NPU solution seems to be underway. The latest input hints that the company could make beneficial internal changes to its future Kirin chipsets.

Weibo tipster @FixedFocus says that Huawei has been developing a new chip-related solution since the beginning of 2022. The solution is likely to support a high-end TAGE-SC-L component and uses a branch predictor for the CPU element.

Adding the conclusion, the blogger mentioned that Huawei may adopt a new technology or NPU solution for the upcoming Kirin processors with Taishan architecture. However, it is unclear when such type of a chipset will arrive in the real world.

TAGE-SC-L Component:

As per the details, TAGE-SC-L is an advanced branch predictor. This component is divided into three parts: TAGE, which relies on several tiny predictor tables indexed through independent functions of the path history and brand address.

The second is SC, which indicates statistical corrector whereas the letter L is for Loop. Together, these components provide better accuracy in several aspects and offer a robust and more efficient architecture to the processor.

Huawei Kirin processors NPU solution

Huawei Kirin processors leak (Source: Weibo)

NPU Improvements

At the same time, Huawei seems to elevate the NPU (Neural Processing Unit) functionalities. It is a dedicated unit on a larger chipset designed for accelerating neural network operations, and executing machine learning algorithms and AI tasks.

If true, this implementation in next-gen Kirin processors will enhance the overall computing power and improve the performance aspects. Yet, the company has not confirmed the news yet and we have to wait for more details on this matter.

Rumors say that the Chinese tech giant is working on a variety of Kirin chips these days. One of these includes a dedicated Kirin PC processor with excellent functioning capabilities. Probably, we may find new products in this field later this year.

Huawei Kirin processors NPU solution

Huawei Kirin processors leak (Source: Weibo)


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