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Alleged Huawei Kirin PC chip specs revealed in a new leak



Huawei Kirin PC chip specs leak

Huawei is gearing up for new Kirin processors and the latest leak revealed the key specs and performance cores of an alleged Kirin PC chip. Perhaps, the company is looking forward to better software and chipsets for its PC section.

Weibo tipster @FixedFocus has shared an estimation leak about the specs and internal cores of an alleged Huawei Kirin PC chip. The initial details depict that the processor could adopt a distinct CPU architecture which is:

  • 4 x Taishan large cores, 4 x Taishan mid-cores, 2 x large cores of NPU (Ascend Lite), and 2 x micro cores of NPU (Ascend Mini).

In addition, the respective chip hearsay to use Huawei’s self-developed GPU Maleoon 910 8-10cu. The tipster further says that the processor may pair with 32GB LPDDR5-6400 RAM and 2TB SSD, 2 or 3 x USB 4.0 storage.

Concerned with performance, the chipset could be comparable to the Apple A12Z processor. Eventually, Apple’s chip is based on a 7nm process and has a frequency of 1.59GHz with an acceleration rate of 2.49GHz. It also equips 8 GPU cores to manage graphics processing efficiently.

Huawei Kirin PC chip specs leak

Earlier, we reported that Huawei seems to be working on a new Kirin chip that might launch later this year. Meanwhile, the latest input has shed more light on this matter, revealing the significant performance cores of the processor.

Notably, the Apple A12Z appeared stronger than the Snapdragon 8+ first-gen processor. Yet, it is a 2020 product and is insufficient to meet the new requirements of 2024. Thus, Huawei might prefer advanced changes to its alleged Kirin PC chip.

HarmonyOS PC:

Huawei is developing a computer-based software system for the proficient experience. It will include the newest features and more improved capabilities like multitasking, device management, user interface, security, networking, and more.

Consequently, it looks like the company could introduce a dedicated Kirin PC chipset as well by the end of 2024. Although there is no confirmation on this matter we need to wait for some more details to obtain clarification


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