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Huawei reportedly registers ‘PuraAI’ trademark



Huawei PuraAI trademark

Huawei has reportedly registered a new trademark named “PuraAI”. The company already applied for several ‘Pura-tagged’ logos on the Chinese Qichacha app, hinting towards an entirely new product line in the industry for the time ahead.

From the name, the Huawei PuraAI trademark hints at advanced technology related to the AI field. Although the application does not show any major details on this subject.

The information further reveals that the PuraAI trademark falls under the international scientific instrument category. But the current status is ‘review pending’.

Huawei PuraAI trademark

PuraAI trademark application (Image Credits: MyDrivers)

Some early details pointed out that the Chinese tech giant is applying for new trademarks based on the Pura brand. This includes devices such as wearables, smart TVs, smart car-related features, tablets, and more. Check more details HERE.

Speculating the ongoing trademark registration as a huge innovative plan, a few analysts predicted that Huawei is likely to expand its newly launched Pura brand in all aspects. Probably, we might see it as an independent category in the future.

After 12 years, Huawei has upgraded its P series to the Pura brand, which signifies purity and beauty. The results are visible with the Pura 70 series which arrived with an eye-catching outlook and tremendous camera capabilities for its consumers.

Now new trademarks are clues that we could find some more interesting additions to this Pura brand in the coming time. Until then, we will keep you posted with the latest revelations on this topic. Stay tuned.

Huawei PuraAI trademark

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