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Huawei reportedly plans a new sub-brand of phones for next year



Huawei sub-brand phones next year

Huawei is working on a variety of products these days and a leak hints that the company also has plans for a new sub-brand of phones for the next year. Apart from Nova, Mate, and P-series, we may soon have a glimpse of a distinct device lineup.

Weibo tipster @SmartPikachu says that Huawei is considering a new sub-brand for its phone category. However, this development won’t be a part of 2024. Probably, the Chinese tech giant could unveil the curious sub-series next year.

Huawei is hearsay to form an independent flip-flop (Pocket) smartphone lineup, separate from the Mate and P-series. Since the company is likely to unveil Pocket 2 in the coming weeks, it would be possible for some other topic.

The tipster didn’t mention the sub-brand name but many netizens pointed out the alleged ‘Huawei Star Shine’ (Xingyao) which has been in rumors for a long time. For the moment, this is a prime suspect that may launch officially in the time ahead.

Huawei sub-brand phones next year

Xingyao – the new sub-brand?

According to previous information, Huawei has already trademarked the terms ‘Xingyao’ and Xingyao Edition. Notably, the respective term has been used at the Huawei Nova 10 series launch event for its dual-ring camera design.

Meanwhile, an alleged Huawei Shine V10 phone has recently surfaced online featuring a Kirin 8000s chip, HarmonyOS 4.0, and many other specifications. Though there wasn’t any official detail on that matter and it appeared as a fake. Read More…

Some other inputs suggest that with the new sub-brand, Huawei will focus on the mid-range and cost-effective devices for the online market. This will help the company cover the phone franchise from every corner and target every kind of user.

Things are quite uncertain regarding the new Huawei phones sub-brand that could launch next year. Let’s wait for some more details that may hit the ground in the time ahead.

Huawei sub-brand phones next year


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