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Huawei reportedly plans 10 million foldable phones shipment this year



Huawei 10 million foldable phones shipment

Huawei is reportedly planning to increase its foldable phones shipment target by 10 million units this year. As per some inputs, the Chinese tech giant has placed additional orders in the supply chain and is looking for new parts for the manufacturing process.

Last year, the company sold 2.3 million folding devices in the market. This time, Huawei aims for 10 million foldable phones shipment, claiming three times the progress made in 2023. Notably, this goal will further boost Huawei’s share in the premium smartphone market.

The information also suggests that Huawei has already started collecting the key supplements for its folding devices. Eventually, the list of components includes the CMOS image sensors (CIS) which are used to generate efficient shots.

Huawei 10 million foldable phones shipment

CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) image sensors play a vital role in the smartphone camera framework. It integrates several functions and controlling processes to capture images and offer a responsive experience to users.

For the past few months, CIS has gone through several downfalls which has ultimately hyped its pricing. Besides, reports hint that major CIS tech makers will increase the respective sensor’s cost in the first half of this year. Thus, to avoid high prices, Huawei is purchasing the CIS elements in advance.

CIS sensors for Huawei are likely to be supplied by the Omnivision supplier. In addition, the company is also focusing on the memory chips and the production capacity of the Kirin chipsets.

Foldable Phone – A trend

In recent times, foldable phones have become a trendy topic in the smartphone market. No doubt, Huawei doesn’t want to lag in this race and constantly searching for new ways to accelerate its sales revenue.

Apart from the shipment matter, the Chinese tech giant is working on a triple-folding phone that could show up some more details this year. Perhaps, the company desires to obtain new achievements by increasing its investment in foldable handsets.

Huawei 10 million foldable phones shipment


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