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Huawei released the first Cloud Operator solution



Huawei Cloud Operator solution

Today is the last day of the Huawei Win-Win Innovation week. This innovative occurrence was full of new learnings and operations that took place through the online summit for the operators. Alternatively, Huawei has also released the first Cloud Operator scenario solution in the world.

According to the information, the new Huawei Cloud Operator scenario solution mainly targets network monetization. The report further flashes light over this segment. It states that in the next five years, the global operators will gain a compound growth of 27% in the cloud transformation.

Additionally, the Chinese manufacturer explains the three major attributes of the cloud transformation process that will ultimately open the pathways to future developments. Firstly, the strategy selection for cloud computing must have huge benefits.

Secondly, the strategies should be based on the principles of data security, system stability, and business agility. Most importantly, the individuals indulged in this strategy must be trustworthy, experienced, and capable of teamwork for win-win cooperation.

Consequently, these three elements together form the Cloud Operator scenario solution. Thereafter, this new solution eventually promotes network monetization, business innovation, and operation efficiency.

Huawei Cloud Operator solution

How Cloud Operator supports the three major development fields?

Expands the scope for network monetization:

Huawei Cloud operator helps in expanding the network-related boundaries in the business market. IT further maximizes the network value in the region. It is capable of providing enterprise customers with cloud + network + security deployment as well as integrated solutions that uplift value growth.

Accelerates the business growth:

The Cloud operator can easily grasp the advanced cloud capabilities and industry experience to benefit the operators with rapid evolution in the market. It ultimately lessens the period of business launch from months to weeks.

Promotes operational efficiency:

Furthermore, the newly arrived cloud solution improves operational effectiveness. It extends the user base and offers constant growth to the main business. The Director of Huawei also had an optimistic message about the new technology:

“The core of operators’ cloud transformation is that the cloud needs to understand the network, business, and operations. HUAWEI CLOUD is willing to work with global operator partners to transform and open up new growth space.”


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