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Huawei will launch PixLab V1 Printer on July 27



Huawei PixLab V1 Printer

Recently, we heard that Huawei is working on a new printer and will soon introduce the gadget to its consumer. Now the company has officially announced that it will launch the Huawei PixLab V1 Printer at the upcoming launch event on July 27.

So far, the rumors had the statement that Huawei is preparing a new printer concept for its user that has covered the distance from black and white to color outcomes. Although things were under the hood at that moment.

Consequently, the official announcement for the Huawei PixLab V1 printer has removed the mist from the product to some extent. Surprisingly, the latest printing gadget will arrive with wonderful features that can result in super print.

Huawei PixLab V1 Printer

The official poster of the PixLab V1 on Weibo reads impressive headlines for the device. Undoubtedly, the company has put efforts to bring true colors with the newly arriving printer over the previous PixLab X1 Laser. The predecessor was only able to support the black and white printings.

According to the previous reports, the forthcoming printer might equip color ink cartridges. This will ultimately help in giving new results instead of the old black and white look. With such outcomes, the new printing device would be able to exhibit better performance than its previous versions.

Huawei PixLab V1 Printer

What else in the new features?

There might be a lot to explore with the respective gadget. But things are hiding under the table at present. Yet the new printer might adopt some features of its forerunners.

Talking about the PixLab X1 Laser, the automation was able to support a bunch of functions and operations. It came to the ground with a pre-installed HarmonyOS system. Aside, the gadget bears the task of copying, printing, scanning, one-touch print, and other remote functions.

What new features the next super printing product overtake will be known by July 27.


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