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Huawei Qingyun W585x PC introduced with Kirin 9000C chip, 8GB RAM, and more



Huawei Qingyun W585x PC Kirin 9000C

Not only one but it seems Huawei is using the all-new Kirin 9000C chip for two Qingyun PC products: W515x/W585x. Both devices are now listed on the official websites with certain key specs. It will be soon available to enterprise customers.

Earlier we reported that Huawei has announced the Qingyun W515x PC on its official page with a brand-new Kirin processor. As of now, you will see one more addition in this section named ‘Huawei Qingyun W585x PC with the same Kirin 9000C chip.

It looks like Huawei has found a solution regarding Intel and Qualcomm chip shipment license cancelation. Since the US blocked these firms from selling processors to China, the Qingyun developer itself released a new Kirin product.

Talking about the Qingyun W585x, the PC is no different from the W515x model. Although the new desktop appeared as a modified version of its predecessor.

It equips the Kirin 9000C chipset and uses 8GB RAM alongside a 256GB storage variant. It runs on the KOS (Kirin operation system) V10 and UOS V20 software system. For graphics rendering, consumers may find the Mali-G78 integrated GPU.

Huawei Qingyun W585x PC Kirin 9000C

Huawei introduces new Qingyun W585x PC (Image Credits: Huawei)

Speaking of the Kirin 9000C chip, it is an octa-core processor with a total of 12 threads. The highest speed frequency is clocked at 2.48GHz. For now, it is unclear whether the all-new chipset uproots on SMIC 5nm process technology.

Kirin 9000C = Apple M3?

Kirin 9000C is said to be equivalent to the Apple M3 processor. This is in line with a previous revelation for the Kirin PC chip. Although things will get confirmed once the newly announced Qingyun PCs set their legs into the real world.

Note that these models only appeared on the official sites while their price, specs, and other important details are still missing from the frame. It would be worth seeing how many upgrades the new model brings over the previous generation.

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