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Huawei publishes multi-screen interactive patent for smart cars



Huawei Smart Car Technology

Huawei has shared a new patent multi-screen interactive technology for smart cars. It was applied back on the 26th of April this year and has published with the publication number CN113330395A in China.

The patent entitled “a method, device, terminal equipment, and vehicle for multi-screen interaction” revolves around smart car technology. The method described in the patent uses a high-definition camera and specific gestures to derive multi-screen interaction.

Huawei multi-screen interactive Patent

Working Method:

As per the described approach, at first, the camera analyses a pre-defined specific gesture and captures the command. Afterward, the carried content represents on the first display screen in sub-images alongside other sub-images on the screen.

With this projection on the first screen and derived information, the users can easily presume the movement direction of subsequent gestures. After that, the same procedure is followed for the second screen and controls the sub-images presenting on the first display screen.

Thus, the display screen moves according to the gestures. But when the distance between the gestures and system reaches out of range, the sub-images shift on the second display screen and carries out the multi-screen interactive function.

Previous News: 

Last week,  Huawei published a vehicle braking patent that contains a power recovery control method according to the state of charge of the battery. It’ll help in taking a more precise decision regarding turning on/off the battery recovery so the users won’t have to face a sudden battery back out.

(Source- Ithome)

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