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Huawei Pocket S2 tipped to feature 1.5K display and upgraded main camera



Huawei Pocket S2 1.5K display main camera

News regarding the Huawei Pocket S2 hints that the folding phone will likely feature a 1.5K display panel and an upgraded main camera. The device is almost ready for the official launch which is expected to be held later this month.

Yes, February 2024 has begun and Huawei fans eagerly await the Pocket S2 unveiling. Perhaps this time, the company has significantly worked on the display solutions and the camera upgrade for the small flip-flop smartphone.

Tipster @SmartPikachu says that Huawei will launch its new small vertical foldable phone after the Chinese New Year. Besides, the post reads that the Huawei Pocket S2 will adopt a Kirin 9000s chip, an upgraded camera, and a 1.5K display with suitable PWM dimming capabilities.

Upgraded Main Camera:

In terms of an upgraded primary lens, we may find the trendy OV50K or the OV50H optical solution with the new foldable. The former facilitates a 1-inch large camera sensor with the highest dynamic range and balances highlights and shadows to optimize the light tendency.

Whereas, the latter features a 50MP image sensor along with QPD (quad-phase detection) functionalities. With such traits, the lens provides high-quality shots with enhanced focus as well as impressive lighting effects in dark environments.

Huawei Pocket S2 1.5K display main camera

1.5K Display:

Huawei Pocket S2 further hearsay to equip a display panel with 1.5K resolution with customized high-frequency PWM dimming to handle the brightness more effectively. Notably, higher PWM dimming rates boost the overall viewing experience and offer a risk-free flicker to the screen.

The latest input fits with previous reports about the Pocket S2 phone. Yet, the tipster has not mentioned any other specs and these aspects are still revolving in rumors. Hence, we require an official statement to confirm these details.

It is worth noting that the tipster cited, the foldable’s parameters are quite similar to the Standard P70 handset. Till now, we heard that the small model from the upcoming P-series is likely to exhibit the same characteristics with the Kirin 9000s chipset, enhanced display, as well as upgrades for the main camera.

While the flagship P70 lineup expected to arrive in March, the new vertical foldable could launch by the end of February. Let’s see how far the rumored specifications appear to be accurate.

Huawei Pocket S2 1.5K display main camera


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