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Huawei Pocket 2 Art custom edition uses 3D dynamic space tech for smart and graceful design



Huawei Pocket 2 Art 3D dynamic space tech

Huawei has introduced an iconic Pocket 2 Art custom edition which uses the 3D dynamic space technology. The all-new implementation makes the customized model a smart and graceful smartphone. Let’s explore the new tech in more detail.

Starting with the outlook, Huawei Pocket 2 Art appears in a dreamy blue shade with a three-dimensional butterfly wing texture – thanks to the 3D dynamic space technology. The ultimate tech makes it possible to obtain a 3D form on plain textures.

Notably, the 3D construction mainly becomes possible through the micro-lens optical imaging technique. It further forms such patterns that make the device more appealing.

On the other hand, the Huawei Pocket 2 Art custom edition went through 87 manufacturing processes for a clean finish. Besides, it used an accurate portion of 0.1-micron ink particles to achieve amazing texture, a new pattern, and an artistic layout.

Huawei Pocket 2 Art 3D dynamic space tech

That’s not it! Huawei has collaborated with the top global designer – Iris van Herpen to produce the Pocket 2 Art variant. Apart from designing the device, the company has imposed the second-generation Kunlun Glass on display, to increase drop resistivity by 20 times.

Other functionalities of the Huawei Pocket 2 include a customized gift hamper with exclusively designed cases, a superfast charger, and some more beautiful accessories. Although the rest of the features are the same as the standard variant.

Consequently, the Pocket 2 Art Custom Edition carries a price tag of 10,999 yuan (16GB + 1TB) and is running live in the pre-sale from today at 18:08 while you need to wait for the official sale till March 01, 2024.

Huawei Pocket 2 Art 3D dynamic space tech


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