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Huawei Pocket 2 allegedly spotted on live images, reveals back cover design



Huawei Pocket 2 live images

Huawei is busy preparing for the Pocket 2 launch event meanwhile, the latest input brings a couple of live images of the approaching foldable and reveals its back cover. The pictures reflect that the company has done amazing work with the device.

A Weibo blogger named @TechGeek shared allegedly two live images of the Huawei Pocket 2 foldable. He further mentioned that these pictures specifically shed light on the rear panel of the folding gadget and its design aesthetics.

Looking into the images, the device appears in two shades: Blue and White. The former resembles a pattern with lining textures. It offers an eye-catching outlook more like an Art variant (similar to P60 Art). Whereas, the latter follows a plain look.

Notably, the back cover has two enormous circular cut-outs surrounded by a silver rim. Both modules are placed vertically, covering the entire back panel from the left side. The first frame bears voids for three lenses alongside an LED Flash.

Huawei Pocket 2 live images

Meanwhile, the second will run as an external screen supporting the live window capability. So far, Huawei Pocket 2 is hearsay to use a glass back for White and Black versions. Besides, the purple plain may bring a leather texture. A customized Art version is now also on this list.

It is unclear how close these images are to the real design of the Huawei Pocket 2 foldable. Although the back cover appears quite mesmerizing in these shots.

Huawei excels with good grades when it comes to designing the device. Being said to be the first 5G flip-flop model, the company will surely opt for advanced design technologies to make its new vertical foldable device stand at the top in the market.

Huawei Pocket 2 live images


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