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Huawei plans to take over Tesla in China with superfast EV chargers



Huawei Tesla EV chargers China

Huawei aims to defeat Tesla in the automobile segment with the help of superfast EV chargers in China. The tech giant looks to install 100,000 EV charging stations on the home ground in 2024, giving a tough spot to Tesla in the auto market.

According to the details, the company has started advertising charging stations that will be available in the 1-kilometer distance with 600kW power efficiency. The advertisement first showed up in a shopping center’s parking lot in Shenzhen.

It is worth mentioning that these chargers are compatible with all kinds of electric vehicles, including Tesla. Huawei superfast EV chargers have an output range of 600kW which is the highest in the world, surpassing Tesla supercharger 250kW in China.

Huawei vs Tesla: Chargers

While Tesla EV adapters take around 19 minutes for a full charge via the Tesla equipment, Huawei’s EV charger can boost the energy within 8 minutes for a vehicle equipped with an 80kW/h battery and a range of 600 km.

Though the charging time may differ depending on the battery capacity and temperature. Notably, these iconic EV adapters are manufactured by Huawei Digital Power. The company will sell the respective adapters to charging faculties in the coming days.

Huawei Tesla EV chargers China

Besides, the Chinese tech maker will work on deploying around 100,000 units in the native region along with 250kW chargers in commercial and highway areas by the end of this year.

In case you think that the charger output range might result in problems like overheating, Huawei has used an effective cooling system filled with liquid coolant to prevent this issue.

Since 2014, Tesla has installed over 11000 charging stations in China. Although most of these only support Tesla models. Meanwhile, Huawei aims to use excellent charging stations and powerful chargers that are compatible with all EVs and can be available at 1km-per-second to give drivers the same experience as refueling a gas-powered vehicle.

With such an aim, Huawei is ready to take over Tesla in the automobile charging aspects and fast and super-efficient chargers. Moreover, it will be a huge aid for Chinese automakers supporting fast charging.


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