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Huawei and Lantu Automobile to join hands for embracing smart car solutions



Huawei Lantu Automobile smart car solutions

Huawei continues to join forces with new automobile partners to expand its smart car solutions in the native region and currently, it looks like the company may collaborate with Lantu Auto Corporation to embrace new technologies.

Lantu Automobile is a smart car manufacturer and distributor. The automaker produces brand-new energy vehicles, automobile parts, electrical accessories, and other relevant products. In addition, the company manages trading businesses.

The respective automobile firm belongs to the Dongfeng Motor Group and established in 2018. It is a high-end smart vehicle brand that offers automobile after-sales, car maintenance, insurance, and other services to its customers.

Recently, a small conversation took place between both tech giants via the official Weibo page. Lantu AutoMobile and Huawei Smart Car Solution quoted: ‘ A few words mean a lot, see you on Monday!’.

Huawei Lantu Automobile smart car solutions

Huawei Lantu Automobile smart car solutions

Perhaps, both companies are prepared to announce a huge detail or maybe a significant cooperation after two days. However, the specifics of this cooperation are unclear at the moment and we need to wait till Monday.

An assumption is Huawei and Lantu Automobile could join hands to bring innovative smart car solutions to the table. While the former could serve useful technologies like incremental parts, HI mode, and HarmonyOS cockpit solutions, the latter will focus on the manufacturing concept.

Huawei has completely defied playing the lead role in the smart car business. Although the Chinese tech giant continues to be a major part of this segment. It looks after the entire production, vehicle development, quality and supply chain management, and delivery aspects for a reliable business.


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