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Huawei plans new fitness technology to avoid serious injuries during exercise




Huawei keeps working on new and innovative technologies to make its user’s life easier than ever. According to the latest info, the company has recently filed for a new patent which can be useful for fitness enthusiasts.

The certificate reveals that the patent application is named as ‘a message reminding method, related devices, and equipment and carries the publication number CN113192597A.

The patent description shows a method that can be used to remind the person in case of any exercise is not being performed in a rightful manner. The abstract suggests a message reminding method that can be used in the field of terminal application and can provide message reminders.

People are nowadays getting more health concerned and most of them are dependent on technologies to measure their fitness directly at home. While performing exercises, there are many actions that require muscles to exert pressure in order to achieve better results.

While the non-standard exercises are those in which other muscles are involved in exerting strength. These kinds of exercises are usually wrong and may cause serious sports injuries in many cases.

How does this whole mechanism work?

By using several algorithms, this method will help the users to identify the nonstandard exercise to reduce the risk of injuries. Based on the moving parts, multiple exercise information is determined which includes:

  • Posture information
  • Muscle power location information
  • Muscle power level information
  • At least two exercise data information

Based on the above-extracted conditions, the exercise information comprises data such as action posture conditions, muscle power location conditions, and muscle power. Among them, at least one strength condition and an exercise condition are extracted.

This whole mechanism seems complicated and its accuracy is also under question. While this is just a patent for now and Huawei hasn’t yet started working on it. However, this tool can be useful for those, who usually workout at home without any guidance.

(Via – IT Home)

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