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Huawei published new vehicle patent, provides faster and safer unlocks




Recently, Huawei has published a new vehicle unlocking patent, which has been approved on the 23rd of July 2021. This patent aims to provide a quicker and safer unlocking method for zero effort access.

As per the information, on 29th February 2020, Huawei has applied for a patent entitled “Vehicle unlocking method, system, device, vehicle and storage medium”. This patent has been published with the publication number CN113165598A in China.

Speaking of this new patent, it will work on the voice determination mechanism to identify the authorized user and provide him/her access in one call. This new technology will optimize the unlocking methods for sure as everyone wants extra convenience for them.

Huawei Vehicle Unlocking Patent

Furthermore, the method embodied by this vehicle unlocking method works on precise and high computing algorithms. We can describe the procedure in the following terms-

  1. First, this method used an efficient voice capturing method to identify the keyword that is “Wake-UP”
  2. If the voice message contains the wake-up word, the user gets permission of access after passing the next step
  3.  Afterward, the source of direction is determined
  4. The inbuilt camera started to take action and gather the data in image form
  5. This target camera analysis the field view to determining the user sanding position
  6. If all processes go smoothly then the system unlocks the vehicle of the user

Huawei Vehicle unlocking patent

Previous Patent Information:

On 27th July, Huawei introduced a new flexible glass patent technology for a more refined bending performance of flexible glass. This patent called, “a processing method for improving the bending performance of flexible glass” publish with the announcement number CN113173708A was applied on 3rd March 2022.

(Source- Ithome)

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