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Huawei Philippines unveils eKit digital solution to boost digitization among enterprises



Huawei Philippines eKit digital solution

Huawei has recently introduced a brand-new eKit digital solution in the Philippines to increase digitization among enterprises. Eventually, the company aims to bring advanced and innovative products to the region that can lead to better facilities for end-users.

In the Philippines, 72% of the enterprises reside in the rural section which ultimately cuts off many benefits like stable network connection, adequate data storage, profound security, and more. Thus, Huawei plans to fulfill these requirements using the new eKit.

Speaking of the latest development, the Huawei eKit is a distribution platform solution that is based on the run-rate market strategy and eases digital operations for small and medium-sized enterprises in the Philippines. It prioritizes the division of products based on a variety of criteria to help out industries in the region.

Huawei Philippines eKit digital solution

For instance, it chooses products that are easy to buy, sell, install, maintain, learn, and can be used effectively for several related business concepts. On the flip side, it counts a vast range of developments such as smart collaboration, wired/wireless networks, IP + optical access, storage, and more.

Apart from this segment, Huawei will look after four major aspects in the Philippines. This includes reliable partner policies, meeting the needs of enterprises, providing better market resources, and a dedicated website for easy transactions, services, and marketing.

The Huawei Philippines Commercial Accounts Director of Enterprise – Andy Li said:

“Huawei eKit is a sub-brand of Huawei, but with a dedicated product. These kinds of products better designed for the small, and medium enterprises, relying on Huawei platforms to adapt to the high-quality requirements while also providing the same support as always.”


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