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Cost of satellite communication chip for smartphones is reportedly increasing



Satellite communication cost increasing

Satellite Communication has become one of the significant features for the premium models and a new input suggests that its cost is reportedly increasing in the market. Perhaps, the tech vendors might lock this useful capability only for the top-end handsets.

As per the Weibo tech analyst @DigitalChatStation, the cost of satellite communication chips for smartphones is reportedly increasing. Giving an estimation, the tipster mentioned that these processors are priced at 300 yuan ($42.35).

With such pricing, it could be possible that only the robust handsets in the smartphone family will bear the satellite connectivity technology. This will include some major inventions that are in the pipeline such as the Xiaomi 14 Ultra and Huawei P70 Art.

Adding more, the tipster said that satellite communication is a prominent aspect of smart devices. Many tech vendors are trying to fetch this capability for their phones as they believe that satellite features are relevant to the 6G network structure.

Satellite communication cost increasing

Huawei is the first brand to introduce satellite communication with the Mate 50 series. The device only supported a one-way satellite SMS feature. Thereafter, the Chinese tech giant upgraded this tech with the P60 series and unveiled the two-way satellite messaging.

Further, the Huawei Mate 60 Pro appeared as a crucial point in this matter, being the world’s first two-way satellite calling phone. Other phone makers like Apple, Honor, OPPO, and Vivo also joined this race to explore the advanced network facility at their fingertips.

So far, Huawei served the satellite features to other siblings of the flagship lineup as well. Although we might see changes from the approaching P-series in this matter. It might happen that only the most superior model of the series like the P70 Art will support the satellite functions while the rest remain stagnant from it.

Huawei Satellite Communication:

Recently, Huawei ordered around 5.7 million additional satellite phone chips to build more supportive devices. Meanwhile, some inputs suggested that the company is considering upgraded satellite features for the P70 series. It would be worth seeing how the tech maker will treat this matter for its devices and what changes it would make to the P70 series based on this subject.


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