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Huawei Petal Maps will bring a huge change in user interface



Huawei Petal Maps

Huawei Petal Maps is testing a new app version in beta mode and it comes with a huge set of changes in terms of features tagged along with a brand-new user interface.

Starting with the user interface, a major change appears the moment you launch the application. It shows a new 3d globe and it renders way better. The globe highlights the home address and the current position pointer. Looking more into the matter, we found that the layer option is still in the top right corner, and the real-time location button is on the bottom right.

The bottom side gets you an eye-catching improvement. It blends the search bar and the taskbar together. Moreover, there are optimized icons for Explore, Directions, and Me tabs. To be noticed, this entire section is themed with background wallpaper.

Huawei Petal Maps huge User interface change

Features and optimizations:

Version of Huawei Petal Maps gets you new high-precision navigation for better navigation around the clock. Also, it will expand the coverage to Malaysia, the Philippines, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, South Africa, Mexico, and Spain.

Adding to the features list, you can now measure the perimeter and area in the options. There is also a quality review notice in the app itself.

Aside from adding features and the user interface, Huawei is keen on optimizing the user experience by adding navigation broadcast optimization to enrich the scenario of stopping and starting at the traffic lights. It also optimizes the distance reminder.

Once the navigation reaches an intersection, most of the vehicle tracks are arc-shaped and cannot reach the turning point. It is resolved with optimization of the wrong at the intersection. The interaction page of the comment feature is also optimized with the new update.

This is a huge user interface overhaul as compared to the past Huawei Petal Maps but version is currently in beta activity and will soon make its way to public users.

Thanks, Fabrizio for sharing the information, if you want to download the APK for this beta version visit the download link here (link). As a reminder, it’s a beta variant and not a stable application.

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