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Huawei Calendar adds curriculum import feature



Huawei Calendar

Huawei has started testing a new version of the Huawei Calendar mobile application, enabling users to import their curriculum. According to the beta recruitment details, the new addition will make a way to import class schedule files to the Huawei Calendar app from China’s academic affairs office.

To do so, users can search for their school, select the school name and enter logins to download the schedule and import it right inside the app. The process to import the schedule is easy and it could initiate with just one click.

Aside from being a regular digital calendar, Huawei Calendar lets you quickly switch the months, and weeks and view detailed events of a specific day.

Huawei Calendar

With the recent versions, Huawei has improved its user interface and design to provide a better look for consumers. Speaking of which, it could now allow you to add reminders, add tasks, and more.

Huawei Calendar beta version with curriculum import feature is available in China and may not enter for overseas users. For your information, Huawei conducts tests of the forthcoming features to find bugs and get user feedback. This helps the Chinese tech maker to provide a better user experience once its available in stable version.

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