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Huawei Petal Maps to bring new features with Mate 50 series



Huawei Petal Maps Mate 50

Huawei is well-known for sending regular updates to its devices and application to maintain their compatibility with the system. In the latest development, the company has begun hammering the Huawei Petal Maps and might introduce some new features for the respective app at the Mate 50 series launch event.

So far, the company has added support for various functions in the applications. For instance, support for more than 160 regions across the globe, finer map positioning, map display, driving navigation, real-time road conditions, and more.

Recently, the company has also released the latest version that supports domestic and regional data for users. As a result, now users can easily get details about their native region. However, these features are still intended for only a bunch of consumers at the moment.

Hence, if you don’t have the latest Petal Maps version on your device, then don’t worry. As we can see the chances of attaining a fresh version and new features of the Huawei Petal Maps at the Mate 50 series launch conference.

Huawei Petal Maps Mate 50

Huawei Petal Maps and its extraordinary features

Huawei’s self-developed Petal maps application appears with some thoughtful features on the consumer ground. The application not only serves handy gadgets but also took place in smart vehicles. At present, AITO smart car users can enjoy a user-friendly interface, dark mode, intelligent voice assistant, and other functions with Petal Maps.

Consequently, if we are on the right track, then the features of Petal Maps to limited users will open to more individuals at the upcoming event. Another notable point is the Google Play Store and Apple App Store updated the official introduction of the Huawei Petal Maps on September 1. You can check out the new information, below.

Huawei Petal Maps is a unique mapping app that allows users to explore the world of their choice. Better navigation techniques, easy search for locations, efficient map display, and other advanced services provide a better travel experience to the users. Let’s see what else addition will take place at the Mate 50 series event.


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