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Huawei NFC phone users gets ‘0 yuan’ purchase for UnionPay QuickPass



Huawei NFC UnionPay QuickPass

Are you a Huawei NFC phone user? If yes, then here is a beneficial offer for you. Anhui UnionPay QuickPass and Hefei City Card cooperations together bring a ‘0 yuan to open a card’ discount for Huawei NFC mobile phone consumers.

The story begins with the conduction of the UnionPay Mobile QuickPass event. The UnionPay application has collaborated with the Hefei Tong transportation card. Further, to begin a new journey and benefit the consumers, the cooperation has introduced the ‘on-the-go’ feature.

As a result, Huawei users carrying an NFC smartphone can now open and activate a new UnionPay QuickPass or Hefei Tong transportation card using the on-the-go feature (also known as on-the-fly charge) and do not have to pay any amount.

The event mainly aims at implying the UnionPay QuickPass in every Huawei smartphone with an NFC feature. The validity of this discount remains till October 31, 2022. So call off your friends, colleagues, and whosoever carries a Huawei NFC-oriented smartphone and enjoy this amazing benefit together.

How to access this benefit?

To access this benefit on your handy gadget, follow the below-given instructions carefully:

  • Open the Huawei Wallet application
  • Click on the Traffic Travel option
  • Add a traffic or transportation card
  • Select HefeiTong traffic card and tap on Activate Now
  • Now enable the Charge on-the-go feature
  • Click on Confirm option to activate the card
  • Select Huawei Pay to pay and sign the contract with the respective card

Make sure that your Huawei Wallet app is running on the latest version to enjoy this thoughtful benefit.

Since the advantage is taking place under an event there are some regulations that users have to follow. Only then, they will be eligible to apply and access the 0 yuan to open a card discount.

Huawei NFC UnionPay QuickPass

Rules and Regulations:

Users participating in this event must have their devices, bank cards, account information, and other details in person. Instead of the transportation card, if the individual is using any bank card for completing the payment, he/she would not be able to engage in partial activities.

To enable the on-the-go feature, Huawei Pay users have to make a payment of 49.8 yuan [7.22 USD]. Although this will lessen the card opening fee by up to 19.8 yuan [2.87 USD]. In case, the discount does not work due to a user’s fault transaction or device support, it can’t redeem in the future.

Since UnionPay affiliates with China cooperations, the authorities can stop or put charges for doing unfit deeds in the event. Ahead, the seats are vacant only for 30,000 users. Hence, do not waste a minute, and let yourself enjoy this unique and different offer.


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