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Huawei Petal Maps grabs update with new improvements



Huawei Petal Maps update

Huawei Petal Maps is one of the useful map navigation apps that is now receiving the update. The company is sending the latest version with general improvements for the app’s performance. It also looks after hidden bugs that may affect the user experience.

According to the information, Huawei is rolling out the new update for the Petal Maps with HarmonyOS version. The firmware carries a medium-sized package that weighs around 79.97 Megabytes. Make sure to have sufficient storage to store the build.

In terms of the changelog, the update only reads a few improvements to the functioning of the app. It optimizes the stability aspects and other internal functions so that users may run related operations efficiently, without dealing with lags or buffers.

On the flip side, it wipes out unwanted glitches, bugs, and issues from the system that might result in interruption while performing heavy tasks. Eventually, Huawei phone holders will experience faster launch times, quick responses, and easy-to-use features with the latest app update installation.

  • Huawei Petal Maps Version: APK File

Recently, Huawei Petal Maps and Tawasal SuperApp collaborated in the UAE to offer better navigation services in the region. Both parties aim to enhance map facilities for both Chinese and UAE users and bring more valuable experience.

Huawei Petal Maps update

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