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Huawei Petal Maps and Tawasal signs memorandum to improve navigation in UAE



Huawei Petal Maps Tawasal UAE navigation

Huawei Petal Maps and Tawasal SuperApp – a leading innovator in the communication field in UAE have recently signed a memorandum to provide better navigation services in the region. This cooperation will facilitate efficient services for both UAE and Chinese users.

Speaking of Tawasal SuperApp, it is a communication platform that enables you to initiate free voice and video calls, chats, and lifestyle services. One can also share photos, documents, voice notes, and more using this app. Currently, over 2.6 million users in the UAE are running this application for proficient services.

To enhance this efficiency, Tawasal SuperApp and Huawei Petal Maps joined forces to bring better navigation facilities to the UAE. According to the details, Tawasal will offer local GPS trajectories, precise road data, 360-degree panoramic street photos, and related features.

In simple words, Petal Maps capabilities will help Tawasal to offer a convenient and simplified travel experience. At the same time, the cooperation will help Huawei Petal Maps to expand its global data ecosystem to more users.

Huawei Petal Maps Tawasal UAE navigation

Huawei Petal Maps:

The Chinese tech giant is actively collaborating with global partners to enrich the Petal Maps global data and make its services more favorable for users. So far, the navigation platform has gathered over 320 million point-of-interest data and 80 million road miles information.

On the greener side, Huawei is planning to integrate Petal Maps with more facilities to develop an HMS-based in-vehicle solution. Thus, the navigation app will become a one-stop service with leading features and ensure the global expansion of Chinese automotive companies.


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