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Huawei patents new 3D stereoscopic projection tech



Huawei Projection

Huawei has recently published a new patent for stereoscopic projection technology that could be cost-effective and it’s a good thing for both seller and the customer.

Information shared by the Chinese patent office, the latest Huawei patent has application number CN202211090428 and it was filed on July 27, 2022, while it was published on January 20, 2023. The patent categories show “Stereoscopic Projection System, Projection System, and Vehicle”.

Stereographic projection is a technique for displaying the angular properties of a plane-faced object on a single drawing or diagram. Directions, as well as planes, may be shown and any desired angle can be measured directly from the projection using a graphical technique.

In stereoscopic projection technology two images, seen from the perspective of the left and the right eye, are projected simultaneously. The frequency of projecting the images is 60 times per second for each eye and covered alternately by the shutter glasses.

Patent Details:

According to the details, this Huawei projection technology consists of a backlight assembly, a spatial light modulator, and a diffuser screen. The backlight assembly is used to output two light beams to the spatial light modulator at different angles. The spatial light modulator is used to modulate two light beams according to different image information to obtain two paths of imaging light.

The spatial light modulator is used to output two paths of imaging light to the diffusion screen at different angles. The diffusion screen is used to diffuse the two paths of imaging light and output the diffused two paths of imaging light at different angles. In this application, by sharing The same spatial light modulator can reduce the cost of the stereoscopic projection system.

looking at the patent diagram, Huawei’s “projection” patent is mainly aimed at stereoscopic projection systems. if utilized, it could be used to watch 3D projection, allowing consumers to watch 3D movies at home.

Huawei Projection

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