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Honor gets massive growth in China, inches closer to top spot



Honor CEO

Huawei’s former subsidiary, Honor is leading ahead of the former parent company and it’s the only phone maker that made growth in the Q4 of 2022 in China.

According to the data compiled by IDC, Honor achieved an 18.1% percent market share in Q4 2022 with a massive 34.4% year-over-year growth. While Honor’s market share was 11.7% in the same quarter in 2021.

Within a year, Honor made rapid progress, and the Chinese company continue to launch new devices among customers such as the Honor 80 series.

“Honor was the only Top 5 player that achieved growth in 2022 due to a low comparison base year and its aggressive product portfolio development.” wrote IDC.

Other companies on the chart include Vivo, which was only inches away to lose the top spot to Honor. Vivo collected an 18.6% market share, it is reduced from 21.5% in 2021 with a -25.1 percent decline. Third comes oppo with a 16.8% market share and -28.2% YOY decline. Fourth is Apple with a 16.8% share and -a 4.4% decline.

Honor growth China Q4 2022 IDC

Third Quarter:

Honor is introducing new devices among consumers, which are actively contributing to its sales.

In the third quarter of 2022, Honor had 17.9% of the market share. This result is featured with the sale of the Honor 70 series. With its extremely attractive appearance and good performance optimization, the X40 series has quickly become a “popular” product since its launch.

Meanwhile, other products continue to become important choices for the entry-level market. At the same time, the flagship Magic 4 series has made great efforts in the commercial market and won some government procurement orders.

China’s smartphone market:

Other than Honor, China’s smartphone is running record low, according to the market tracker, 285.8 million smartphones shipped in China in 2022, down 13.2% year-on-year (YoY) to below the 300 million mark for the first time in ten years. In 4Q22, the market declined 12.6% YoY to 72.9 million units.

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